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My wife and I started feeding our dogs Happy Tails food last year when we moved to Bella Bella and began ordering food from Port Hardy. Our chocolate lab has done well on every food we have ever fed him. It has been with our yellow lab Rex where we have seen amazing results.

RexRex had a tough start in life and developed some serious problems including eating his own stool and eating things that need to be removed surgically. He also suffered a great deal with itchy skin and couldn't sleep through the night because he would be so hungry. He had a major operation to remove a glass he ate and couldn't seem to gain back the weight he lost. Since starting a Happy Tails diet he has stopped eating his own stool, no longer suffers from itchy skin and he sleeps through the night. He has gone from being underweight to a very muscular and healthy size.

This summer we went to Ontario and didn't take enough Happy Tails on the plane. When we ran out of Happy Tails he immediately began itching again and went back to eating foreign objects. He had to have surgery to remove a mop he ate during this period of time. Needless to say we will not make that mistake again.

Thank you for making such a high quality dog food. It has helped make a great dog have a much happier life.

Dave and Vanessa Wahl


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