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Happy Tails Manufacturer is a member of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Holistic' mean?
Holistic, simply put, means entirely, of a whole, used by pet foods as "natural" and wholesome, with all the ingredients being digestible & nutritious!

For Happy Tails, this means:

Brown rice instead of brewers (white) rice which is just filler. Brown rice is a complex carb which is digestible and not just starch!
No ground corn - ground corn is not very digestible even though grinding corn does help pets digest it. Corn gluten meal, which is the protein finnings of corn, is digestible however some cats & dogs are allergic to the proteins or carbs contained in corn!
No white potatoes.
No wheat grains.
No meat meal or bone meal.

Why should I try Happy Tails?
Happy Tails was a member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Assoc. and our products are still listed in their reference material. Our production plant in Chilliwack is inspected by their officials and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for veterinarian certification, and for export status.

How does Happy Tails differ from other "premium foods"?
Happy Tails is Fresh & Natural - made & delivered directly to our distributors - naturally preserved with Vit E & Vit C with no artificial colours, flavours or chemical additives!

At Happy Tails we only use Top Grade chicken, BC fish meal (fresh ocean fish) and 100% New Zealand free range Lamb-meat taken off after people cuts taken, which is then cooked into meal - No by-products! Fruits, veggies and sea salt are then added!

Please refer to the Product Info page for a full list of ingredients.

In our pursuit of "Excellence" we combine all these natural, nutritious ingredients for a total holistic-healthy food for the complete wellness of our pets.

We all know fats or oil can go bad. How does Happy Tails prevent this?
Happy Tails uses Vitamin E and vitamin C, nature's antioxidant. Vitamin E occurs naturally in plant oils to protect against oxidation and protect the original flavour, aroma and colour of our fresh meats. Vitamin C occurs in the natural form of citric acid.

Are natural foods really better?
Many nutritionists & veterinarians are becoming increasingly concerned with use of rendering practices of the pet food industry, including artificial taste enhancers colours chemicals & denaturing products (fuel oil) with no government regulations other than the associations mentioned!

Since Happy Tails pet foods don't contain chemical preservatives, what is the shelf life?
Our dry food maintains its nutritional value and taste for up to 18 months unopened - after opening should be kept cool & dry and eaten within 6 months for best freshness!

Aren't Natural / Holistic pet foods more expensive than grocery brands?
On the shelf - yes. On a cost per serving basis - no! On providing optimum nutrition for health, longevity and performance - no! no! Premium natural pet foods contain high quality, nutrient dense ingredients that promote superior digestibility. This means that the animal will need to consume less to receive the same, or better nutrition. There is also less clean-up.

What about puppy, kitten and senior diet formulas?
Our formula is high energy, high density nutrition which can be fed to all stages of your pets' lives, and are within the protein levels recommended by the veterinary nutritionist at the CVMA (documents available by request).

How do I know which pet food is best: Natural-Holistic or other brands?
Always - Always read the LABELS! Happy Tails ALWAYS uses the best quality, freshest ingredients available. Compare our ingredient list with other brands and compare cost per kg, and then YOU decide!.


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