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Last summer we noticed our purebred Alaskan Malamute, Kodi, drinking abnormal amounts of water and panting heavier than usual. At first we thought it was the hot summer weather but then we realised he had gone blind. Turns out he has Cushing's Disease. Digestive disturbances is one of the problems associated with this disease of which Kodi started suffering from(bloating, gas, diarrhea). We tried switching to other dog foods & making our own homemade foods. These seemed to work temporarily but he would again start suffering digestive problems for no apparent reason.

We tried Happy Tails because I had heard good things about it when working at one of the stores that carries it (49th Parallel, Ladysmith) and the content appeared to be healthy. Almost immediately we noticed improvement, as long as we feed him only the Happy Tails his stool is firm, no more diarrhea, little bloating and gas. While this disease will eventually get the best of our dear Kodi he is healthier and feeling better since we switched to your food!


Dana & Glenn Templeman


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