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Jasper is fifteen years old and has arthritis in both hips. Every year he finds it harder and harder to move around...to the point I doubted he would make it through another winter. Being in the health food industry, I have access to all the latest joint remedies. I have tried many supplements, some with success and some not so. Jasper last year developed a sensitive stomach and couldn’t tolerate many of the cat foods on the market. He lost a considerable amount of his weight as a result. I thought that the problem could be the synthetic or unnatural ingredients in the foods, so was very interested in  your natural formula. I began by giving Jasper small amounts of the food, the formula is very rich and I was concerned that he may not tolerate it in large servings. After gradually increasing the serving size, I was pleased to see that he not only tolerated it extremely well, but also put on some weight.  But the best result was that he could move around much easier! The longer he is eating the food, the more flexible he has become. As the weather is cooling down, he usually stiffens up and sleeps more...but this year has continued to become more active and playful just as he was many years ago. He is enjoying life much more!

I recommend Happy Tails food to any of my customers with pets that have sore joints, and also to anyone wanting to give their pets the best ingredients. I would just say start slow! This formula is very rich, not at all like the commercial foods. This is like someone living on junk food all their lives and then one day switching to an organic gourmet meal.

 Lucie Osborne
Vitamin Store Manager
Victoria, BC


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