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I decided to switch to Happy Tails when I noticed it was absorbed more completely than the Nutri Max and had an impressive holistic ingredient list. I am a member of a cocker spaniel Yahoo Group and at that time we were comparing the different commercial brands of food to ‘BARF’, which is Bones And Raw Food diet. I was pleasantly surprised when the ingredients of Happy Tails compared favourably to the healthiest ‘holistic’ raw food recipe.

My cocker spaniel Sandy has a beautiful cocker coat. The Happy Tails food keeps it shiny and her skin pink and healthy. She is very happy. Having adopted an adult dog that had a history of fending for herself out of doors, I was concerned she might have digestion problems and would not adjust. Happy Tails was a good food to find as now Sandy has absolutely no digestion problems. She is full of energy and love and is a St. John Ambulance visiting dog.

I have been feeding Happy Tails for several years now. At the time of this writing Happy Tails is available only in Thrifty Foods in my city. I have recommended Happy Tails to many people and would like to see the product distributed widely. Happy Tails met my high standards and continues to do so.

Patricia Boudier


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