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We are happy owners of 4 happy cats........ Bailey (Biz) Bushes, Sketchy, and Colby.

We have been feeding our cats Happy Tails cat food for about 6 months since we saw a dislay in Thrifty Foods and got free samples. Previously we had been feeding our cats a brand called Medi-Cal that was only available from the Vet, and very expensive.

About a year ago, one of our male cats, Bailey, became really sick. We didnt know what was the matter with him, but he was in so much pain and peeing blood! So we took him to the vet and it turned out that he had bladder crystals because he didn't drink enough water. Apparently male cats often get bladder crystals, but I had never seen this before. I didn't want this condition to ever come back, so I did everything the vet said, and stopped feeding my cat regular cat food. Because I have so many cats, it became really expensive to feed them all this expensive vet cat food. And then we found out about the Happy Tails and I was really happy to switch to that.

I feel alot better feeding my cats something more nutritious and healthy. And it has cranberries in it to help the male cats keep their urinary tracks in good shape! The cats seem to like it!

Chloe and Simon


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